28 Nov 2017

BLIS – First regional European conference of the translation industry in Serbia

Attending the BLIS Congress this November was indeed a great experience. It was my first time participating in such an event, and I have to say that it stands out from others that I’d visited before. As my company was one of the organizers, we made sure that we created an event where we would cover a variety of topics relevant to the translation industry, and give our local guests and those from other parts of the world a chance to connect and meet face to face. It was a success, the atmosphere was phenomenal and delegates seemed as though they didn’t want the event to end, which is always a good sign?

The presentations were highly informative, providing insight into the future of the industry as well as current trends and opportunities, but the most useful thing for me was that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and connect with peers and influencers from the industry. For the first day of the congress, the panels covered new and innovative technology, current and future trends and the way the industry will look in the future.

For the second day, our panelists spoke about sales and marketing strategies, as well as quality control and why it is so important in our industry. I would like to highlight the presentation from Nigel T. Packer, as it left the greatest impression on me. In his presentation, Nigel spoke about how to create a marketing strategy and how to design your website in such a way as to secure business from clients. It was amazing for me to hear the points that he emphasized, and we were able to start putting his advice into practice as soon as we got back to the office.

The energy was great, as the event managed to bring together delegates from all over the world, ranging from medium LSPs to some of the biggest companies in the Translation Industry.

The reason for the superb atmosphere was, I believe, the effective organization behind the event. A fine balance was struck between presentations and breaks, providing attendees with the opportunity to meet and connect with others, as well as allowing everyone time to refresh their minds before the next lecture. All of which is not to mention the food, which was phenomenal (I am thinking of writing a separate post solely about the food :)).

Because the event was so successful, it will surely be organized again next year. I believe that if you are from the Balkans and are interested in the translation industry, you should definitely attend, because this event succeeds in gathering Industry influencers from all over the world in one place here in Belgrade. Under other circumstances, you would have to pay a lot of money and incur substantial travel costs to attend such an event outside the region.

And to everyone that is not from this part of the world, the event will provide you with insight and opportunities within this diverse market. You will have the chance to experience our famous hospitality, and try our food (we are renowned for that as well).

This congress gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, and to make connections that will benefit me both professionally and personally. I also gained knowledge of the translation industry which I will be able to implement in my work. This is why I will definitely be attending next year.


As for Eurotranslate, we are one of the biggest Translation Companies currently operating on Serbian translation market. This is an ISO certified company of 11 years’ standing, and I have to say that for me personally it is one of the best companies that I have experienced. The people who work here manage to be both friendly and professional, and we are all here to solve problems and ease communication for our clients, helping them to expand their businesses abroad (not a bad job to have :)). The company has specialized departments for translations specific to various industries. For example if a medical translation is required, the text will be translated and proofread by that department. The medical department opened in 2015 and it features doctors who ensure the accuracy of the terminology and the overall translation. We specialize in Slavic languages, but with a network of over 300 translators we are able to cover all the major world languages. The accuracy and quality of our translations is guaranteed, so try us out and see for yourself.



Uros Matovic

After graduating as a Bachelor of Economics, Uros Matovic has been working in sales and marketing for the last five years. Relatively new to the translation industry, he is trying to help as many clients as possible to expand their businesses internationally and ease communication with their business partners. Currently most interested in the digital economy and marketing, he managed to create an extensive list of clients for a startup which opened in Belgrade a few years ago, getting the company off the ground and ensuring future success long after he’d moved on He considers this one of the greatest achievements of his early career.

He likes to work out and travel, and he spends his free time sailing or drinking coffee by the river. He really likes coffee.