Eurotranslate certification

This year we will be updating our ISO certification by discontinuing ISO 9001 and attaining ISO 17100:2015, which is directly focused on translation services. This change would ensure that all processes stay the same, without disrupting project management or any linguistic services.



Quality Control

Eurotranslate has always maintained a very high standard with regards to quality. We carefully control the translation process, from the initial communication with the client, all the way to the final delivery.

To achieve this goal we rely on the knowledge and experience of our translators, skill and diligence of our editors, proofreaders and project managers, and technological advancements in the translation industry.
In order to ensure proper control of all the phases of a project, our project managers monitor and coordinate the work of various participants in the project. Despite the fact that they do not participate directly in the translation, all of our project managers have a university degree in philology.



Translation quality procedure

From the moment the client sends a text for translation up until the moment the final version of the translation is sent back to the client, the project passes through several precisely defined phases in order to ensure quality.

Our process:
1. Project review
2. Translation preparation
3. Glossary building
4. Translation
5. Editing
6. Formatting
7. Proofreading
8. Quality control