Language courses for company employees

Improve the language skills of your employees.

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                                        • Courses tailored to the company’s needs
                                        • Held exclusively online
                                        • Individual or group setting
                                        • Bespoke interactive lessons focused on the student
Interactive methods for employees’ language acquisition

All foreign language courses are conversational by method. Whether on beginner or higher levels, students are empowered from the very start to really speak a foreign language.

Courses for companies are content-wise and organizationally formulated so as to adapt to the specific language requirements of your organization’s industry and the capabilities of employees.

Increase the efficiency, productivity and operational capabilities of your employees!

The basic prerequisite for the successful operation of any company is good communication, and in order to communicate with the world, knowledge of English and other foreign languages ​​is imperative in today’s business environment focused on global markets.

Corporate expansion into international markets usually requires employees to have a certain level of proficiency in a foreign language or two. Regardless of whether a company partners with an international firm, opens additional offices in another country, or just wants to expand its customer base; the ability to communicate in multiple languages is an imperative factor in the successful growth of any business.

Your employees will be able to confidently use a foreign language in meetings, presentations, written communication and other business situations!

It’s also important to know:
  • While it is true that children are able to reach higher language proficiency sooner than adults because their brains are more flexible to the new rules, adults progress through the stages of language learning faster than children, because adults approach language acquisition with an adult problem-solving process, which allows them to identify the rules and patterns that make picking up a new language easier.
  • Every time we learn something new, our brain creates a new synapse, or connection. This increases the plasticity of our brains and is one of the many benefits of language learning. This makes it easier to retain the skills you’ve learned, improve them, and continue learning new things.
  • 1.2 billion people are learning a foreign language right now!
A recent study found that companies providing e-learning and on-the-job-training generated 26 percent more revenue per employee.
What our courses are like:


  • Courses can be organized in standard, smaller groups or as individual lessons, all according to the specific needs of you and your colleagues.
  • Foreign language classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, who will help you find your personal learning style, speed up your progress and really speak in a foreign language.
  • Interactive teaching methods are used to encourage learning, improve motivation and promote student engagement.
  • We know how many responsibilities your employees have, so we have created an approach where they do not adapt to the training, but the training is adjusted to them.
  • You determine the type, dynamics and goal of language training yourself.
  • Give us a clear request and vision of your company, and together we will make a detailed plan to achieve the goal.


Course organization process:learning languages
  1. Analysis of the needs and goals of the organization
  2. Evaluation test to determine the students’ language proficiency level (online)
  3. Formation of groups according to the language level
  4. Creating the curriculum in accordance with the training objectives
  5. Realization of courses according to the agreed schedule and dates
  6. Reporting during the course on the students’ attendance and progress
  7. Organization of exams/testing at the end of the course
  8. Reporting on results and awarding certificates for successful students

Employees who participated in language learning programs showed improvements in the following areas:


  • Confidence.  A whopping 70 percentof employees reported that language training made them more confident working with teams, partners, and vendors.
  • Performance. 68 percentsaid their job performance improved as a result.
  • Productivity. Equipping employees with stronger language skills reduces miscommunications that contribute to inefficiency. Around 50 percent reports that the training has contributed to a savings of around three working hours or more a week.
  • Engagement. Overall, 63 percent of workers reported feeling more engaged at work when their companies offer language training programs.
  • Loyalty. Employee turnover is costly, impacting not only the bottom line, but also team morale. In fact, 58 percent of workers say they are more likely to remain with their current company thanks to employer-provided language training.
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