KEYWORD TRANSLATION / Keywords, keywords everywhere!

Targeting multilingual online worlds takes much more than just localizing the content of your website into a foreign language and directly translating the source code of your page.

International Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of adapting your multilingual … Read more


Recently, Siemens Austria Mobility CEE Arnulf Wolfram, who took part in the conference of Financial Times and the Western Balkans Chamber Investment Forum, pointed out that investments in the region, especially in Serbia, paid off.

He said that Siemens’ experiences … Read more

Welcome, Nigel!

We are proud to welcome a new addition to our team, our new Business Development Ambassador, Nigel T Packer.

We can only be honoured that someone so proficient, experienced and young in spirit will be representing Eurotranslate UK, and helping … Read more



Article published on EUATC NEWS

At #t9n conferences people are usually surprised when I say I’m a medical doctor. They always ask me how I ended up in the translation industry.

When it comes to those interesting journeys … Read more

Christmas in Serbia
How are your customers celebrating Christmas in Serbia?

Christmas celebrations in Serbia are far removed from the shopping-frenzied holiday festivities most people associate with the season. That hype and the pressure to give gifts are usually reserved for New Year’s … Read more