Eurotranslate offers a wide range of services. The number of language combinations that we offer is virtually unlimited, and we also offer various combinations of translations and proofreading, as well as general and specialized translations. We provide our clients with quotes containing various options so they can select an option that is tailored to meet their needs.
Because of this it is difficult to make one all-encompassing pricelist because the price of a translation depends on many factors. That is why it is best to send us a price inquiry via email, accompanied by a sample of the material to be translated, so that we can conduct an evaluation and provide the most accurate quote.

The following are some of the general criteria on which the price depends:

  • whether or not the translation requires certification from a court interpreter
  • subject matter and technical nature of the text
  • volume (discounts provided for larger volumes of text)
  • delivery deadline
  • number of translators

The price calculation can be done in two ways:
1. according to the number of pages (this is used particularly for translations certified by a court interpreter, contracts, etc.)

  • 1 page has 250 words. In the case of certified translations, the method for calculating number of pages may differ as court interpreters use their own methods for calculation. For example, a page can be calculated as 1,800 characters with spaces or 1,500 characters without spaces.
  • the minimum for calculation is one page
  • the number of pages is rounded to the nearest half page

2. according to the number of words (used most often for the translation of technical manuals or at the request of the client)
If the document is in electronic form and in a readable format (Word, Excel, etc.), the calculation is done according to the number of words in the source text. If the document is in hard copy (paper) or in an unreadable electronic format (image, PDF, etc.), the calculation is done according to the number of pages or words in the target text.

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