21 Sep 2018


Close your eyes and imagine: you’ve been set the task of leading an expedition team through the desert. How do you go about it and prepare? Most importantly, what will you need along the way? It may seem I’m exaggerating (slightly), but I’ll still say it: project management in the tran...
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11 Sep 2018


Let’s not try to downplay it: writing a resume is not an easy task. You are expected to sum up your whole career, achievements and skills in one neat package, and lay it out attractively on a single page. Even more than that: it is not supposed to be just combination of lists – list […]...
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24 Aug 2018

Lost in resumé translation

Whether you are applying for work abroad or just in a foreign company within your own country, you will need to translate your resumé and pay special attention to conveying the value of your experience, knowledge and skills in the truest form possible. This can often be challenging, because we only...
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31 Jul 2018


Has it ever happened, while reading a newspaper ad, user manual or any type of marketing content, that you wondered why it doesn’t sound quite right? It might be something you can’t put your finger on, not an actual word or a phrase that might bother you, but the whole text would definitely feel...
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13 Jul 2018

How to save your time and money

Ordering translation services from a translation company is not your typical “buy the best product” scenario. As an intellectual service, it needs a human touch, and there is no perfect step-by-step wizard to guide you through it. However, there are steps you can take to make the process easier ...
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05 Jul 2018


Computer-assisted translation or CAT simply means computer software used to help translators improve their translation process. It should not be confused with machine translation, which is widely used today, but with varying accuracy levels, depending on the language. However, there are certain adv...
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